Laser Surgery

We're now equipped to perform laser surgery.

Why lasers? Because lasers provide great benefits to your pet both during and after surgery.

Laser surgery reduces: pain, swelling, bleeding, post-op recovery, sterilizes the wound, and reduces the time your pet is under anesthesia.

While laser surgery costs more than standard procedures, Dr. Carver will always highly recommend laser surgery for your pet because of its many benefits.

Laser Surgical Procedures Bulldog

Reduced Pain and Swelling: Quicker Recovery Time Post-operative pain is greatly reduced because the laser seals the nerve endings as it cuts. Scalpel blades cut and leave nerve endings raw, causing greater pain for your pet. Swelling is reduced because the laser seals lymphatic tissues as well. When cut with a scalpel, an inflammation is started in the local tissues. The laser cut prevents this recaction, redugin the amount of swelling your pet experiences.

Less Bleeding

Small blood vessels are sealed immediately by the laser as it cuts. When cut with a scalpel, blood vessels ooze and can be stopped only when clamped, cauterized, or held with gauze until they stop bleeding. All of these take time, lengthening the surgery. The laser also makes surgery easier for the doctor, who can easily see the area without the interruption of bleeding. This can decrease surgery time, enabling your pet to be on its way to recovery much more quickly.

Reduced Surgery Time

With a shorter length of surgery, your pet is under anesthesia for a muich shorter amount of time. This helps in pets sensitive to anesthesia. Some laser procedures can be done under local anesthetic, which is beneficial to older pets who are more sensitive to general anesthetic.

Fewer Infections

Only the laser beam touches the tissues, cutting at a very high temperature, insuring a sterile cut. With a sterile incision, your pet can heal more quickly without the risk of infection.

Less Scarring

The precision of the laser allows destruction of abnormal tissue, leaving the normal tissue intact. This allows for swifter, gentler healing with little to no scarring.

Cat Declaws

When decalwing cats, the top priority is getting Kitty back to business quickly and painlessly. In addition to the many surgical benefits of the laser procedure, the reduced recovery time and bleeding means Kitty is ready for action more quickly, and may actually have to be restrained from playing too soon after surgery.

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