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At our new clinic we offer boarding for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and other exotics. We can arrange for boarding at our clinic even if your pet has not visited us before.

We welcome you to take a tour of our new facility, to see where Fluffy or Spike will be staying. To aid in the comfort of your animal, you may bring blankets, a bed, toys, or an old t-shirt to make your pet feel more at home.

We have indoor and outdoor boarding available, with a limited number of each size. Boarding will fill up quickly during holidays, so please call early to reserve a spot for your pet.

Living Areas

Cats and dogs are boarded inside our clinic in large runs that allow your pet to walk around comfortably. The runs are partitioned to minimize contact between animals, reducing stress and providing for your pet's safety.


Our dog boarders are walked twice a day. The area where we walk the dogs is located behind our clinic, distanced from the service road to protect the dogs from noise stress and the dangers of street traffic.

Food & Medication

We provide Science Diet cat or dog food for your pet while they are with us, unless you prefer to bring food from home. If there are any specific dietary or medical requirements that muct be met, feel free to share them with our staff. There is no charge for distribution of medication to an animal who is on regular prescribed medications.


If you have a bird, we request that you them to the clinic in their own cage, with a food supply good for the length of their visit. We will, of course, provide water and attention for them while they stay with us.

Our Boarding Rates Are

Facility Type # On Site Price Per Day Size
Extra Large Pen 2 $60 88" x 88"
Large Pen 2 $50 88" x 59"
Medium Pen 3 $40 60" x 48"
Small Pen 8 $30 60" x 35"
Large Cage 5 $25 38" x 45"
Medium Cage 20 20 37" x 26"
Small Cage 15 $15 33" x 20"

About Us

Dr. Carver graduated from the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the state of Texas.



The mission of our clinic is to provide the best possible care for your beloved pet. Our goal is not only to give them the most effective treatment, but also to treat your pet humanely.



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